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28. února 2013 v 4:49
Favorite Pair Of Headphones

Every one can go for a nice pair of headphones, all of us like different kinds of headphones, some of us like DJ headphones, while some of us like ear buds, mostly because they are easy to carry around and you don't have to make room for them in a suitcase, backpack or purse, depending on how big your purse is it can be a hassle.

So that's why most people like to own ear buds over DJ headphones, but there are some great Cheap MONSTER Beats headphones out on the market today and because I am a Monster Beats fan of music and loud bass I'm going to tell you some of my favorite headphones currently and maybe your will be the same too!

Now you can go the ear bud way which I currently have so many ear bud headphones that I don't know what to do with. I have used Dr. Dre beats ear buds and I like them they have good bass, but I am currently attached to Skull Candy ear buds for the money you can't beat the sound you get with those bad boys.

I use to work at a auto financing company and every time I put my ear buds in and turned the music on the whole office could listen to my music with me, so I was very happy with the Skull Candy product.

I just bought these beats yesterday and i am in love with them. At first you will notice that the quality is better than the pros and studios. So personally i think it is worth the extra money. And if you are going to spend that much for the second best headphones, might as well caugh up the extra bill. But on the other side it is kind of uncomfortable. After 20 minutes of wearing them your ears will hurt, didnt happen to me on the pros and studios. Buy if you like quality buy it.

Cheap Beats Pro Lamborghini Edition Headphones

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